The Heywood House Centre is a new adventure; set up with the belief and passion that we can make a difference. Through our own personal experiences we have learnt the importance of getting the health needs right, this sets the foundation for our young adults to achieve both educationally and socially, but more importantly to be safe, happy and have fun.

As parents we know the frustration of not being listened to. You’re the expert, we want to gain as much knowledge as we can to help us have a full understanding of your young adults needs.  A small detail can make a big difference.

By fully understanding an individuals unique needs we can  begin to effectively support them, as we hear so often said “they haven’t read the text book !!! "

At Heywood House we will be following an accredited educational programme specific to the needs of young adults with profound and complex difficulties. It will contain bite sized modules that allow each student to achieve at their own individual level and pace that their health needs will allow.

Nothing at Heywood House is set in stone! If something needs changing to meet your needs we will do our utmost to do that. We know what family life is like and that events happen no matter how organised we are and we can be flexible at those times to help as much as we can.

We can’t promise to always get it right but we are quick learners and will do our best to make it happen. Our door is always open and we will listen !